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Marantz Model 40N Teknik Özellikler 



Product Dimensions (W x H x D in inches) 17.4" x 5.1" x 17"

Weight in lbs 36 lbs 13 Oz

Packaging Dimensions (W x H x D in inches) 21" x 10" x 20.6"

Carton Weight (incl. product) in lbs 43 lbs 3 Oz

Power Consumption 220W, 0.3W (Standby)

AC Inlet yes

Quick Start Guide Included


Panel Color SG / BK

Front Center Panel Aluminum

Side Cover Aluminum

Top Cover Steel

Edge-Lighting yes (Dimmer)

Volume Knob Aluminum

Input Selector Aluminum

Bass/Treble/Balance/REC Out Sel knobs Aluminum

Power Button Aluminum

Chassis Material SECC

Bottom Layer Thicker double layer


USA MODEL40N/U1B 747192135959 Black

USA MODEL40N/U1SG 747192135966 Silver Gold

Design and specifications are subject to change by Marantz without notice.

Output Power

Rated Output Power 70W + 70W (8ohm)

100W + 100W (4ohm)


App HEOS App

Remote Controller System Remote

Features (Amp and CD Player Control)

Power Amplifier Circuit HDAM-SA3

Power Transformer Double Shielded Toroidal

Volume Electric

Bass / Treble / Mid / Balance Control yes / yes / - / yes

Source Direct yes

Frequency Response 5Hz - 100kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.02% (20Hz - 20kHz, 8Ω)

Damping Factor 100

Input Sensitivity: Phono Input 2 mV / 47 kohm

Input Sensitivity: CD/LINE/RECORDER 220 mV / 20 kohm

Input Sensitivity: Power Amplifier Input 1.6 V / 15 kohm

SN Ratio PHONO (MM): 87dB

CD: 106dB


Phono Input yes (MM)

Marantz Musical Phono EQ

Ext. Pre Input (Power Amp Direct) yes

Preout no

Analog Input (include Phono) / REC Out (RCA) 4 (PHONO, CD, LINE,


Optical Input 1

Coaxial Input 1

HDMI Input/Output 1 / 0 (ARC) PCM only

USB-A 1 (Rear), Mass Storage Class


Speaker Terminal SPKT-1+

Remote Control Bus Terminal yes (RC-5 In / Out)

Subwoofer Pre-out Low Pass Filter Selectable

40 Hz / 60 Hz / 80 Hz /

100 Hz / 120 Hz

Marantz MODEL 40N Stereo Network Amplifikatör ( HEOS )

  • Marka: Marantz
  • Ürün Kodu: Marantz Model 40N
  • Stok Durumu: Stokta var
  • 3.500,00€


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